The New Houdini is back

New stunts and new circus acts

After his recent international success and many thousands of tickets sold for The New Houdini shows in The Netherlands, Hans Klok is back on tour for the last time with his acclaimed show, which Dutch newspaper NRC described as “His best show ever”.

The New Houdini has been on tour in the Netherlands before, but Hans will now add some new breathtaking illusions, that will leave the audience in awe. Hans has also invited new international circus acts to appear in the show. His sexy Diva’s of Magic and The Houdini Dancers will join Hans again in the greatest illusion show in the world!

The entire World has now embraced this show since Hans’ triumphant win at the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo. His performance was awarded with a standing ovation and one of the Oscars of this prestigious circus festival: the Silver Clown.

For the first time in the 38-years of the festival an illusionist was awarded one of the Clowns. Hans not only performed at the festival, he also opened the event and closed it with a surprising finale.
Numerous offers from all over the world, such as China, Russia, Dubai and from several European countries, came in. However, Hans is working on a new show and first wants to do a farewell tour with The New Houdini in the Netherlands.

The word stunts can now be added to Hans’ slogan: suspense, splendor and sensation. Houdini was the master of escapes and presented illusions that till this day still baffle audience, but he also performed risky stunts. According to the experts Houdini was the first to bring mortal danger on stage. Hans follows in his footsteps.

The audience will only need the edge of their seat during this show. In Monte Carlo, but also in London, Paris, Berlin and Las Vegas people were not only impressed with Hans’ illusions and stunts, but also with his speed, which earned him the title of the world’s fastest illusionist. He is praised for his passion and his charisma, which will not just amaze you, it will also make you love him.

Book your tickets now, for a last chance to see The New Houdini.