“HURRICANE” getting closer!!

So how was Mexico again..? It was only a few months ago but so much has been happening since then, it  feels like years ago that I was performing a series of TV shows in this exciting city, which were aired during the spectacular World Cup Football. It was almost surreal how the championship was ripped away under the feet of the Dutch team at the very last moment. But in the lines of true sportsmanship, we can say that the best team won, so let’s now again charge forward with renewed spirit to face new challenges. And the same applies for me too, as my new theatre tour; “Hurricane” is getting closer every day and for me, the dawn of a new era approaches.

Since Mexico and as well as working day and night on the “Hurricane” tour, I have also been performing in Hannover for a three week period during the “Kleines Fest im Grossen Garten” Festival. It was quite unique, completely different than anything I had done before. For three weeks I was captivated by this Summer Festival atmosphere.. it was an absolute joy and definitely an experience not to be forgotten. Spread around this huge public garden were more than twenty open air stages where a multitude of incredible acts were performed. An impressive collection of artists from all around the world in all shapes and sizes, gathered together in one place. Comedy acts, variety, street theatre, acrobats, giant insects on stilts, opera and MAGIC! Yes sir.. we had it all and it was an absolute amazing experience.

So there I was on an open-air stage, performing three shows of a half hour each day, with a 30 minute break between shows. I didn’t know what hit me. In day-light with no extra lighting whatsoever, no special effects, props, explosions, back-curtains or other decorative utilities to enhance the performance, I rather felt like a medieval jester performing to a courtyard of Kings and countrymen! It was fantastic and the public came pouring in by the hundreds.

Being the 25 year Jubilee, this was a very special event and it was an honour to be a part of and for me, very confronting for myself and my profession. It was like I was standing naked with a bunch of tricks and illusions. In full day-light, there was nowhere to hide. There was no over the top glitter and glamour that I could wrap around my tricks. The public were only a few feet away and I could almost reach out and touch them. It was all about the performance and the tricks.. and the audiences loved it! You might ask how it was with my German language.. well, not so bad. Having had toured Germany intensely over the last ten or so years, I have spent many occasions being tutored and have even spent time in the monastery in Vught.

Now, back in Holland, I am day in and day out working on my new show for the upcoming season 2010 / 2011. It’s the only thing that matters right now. It’s great, it feels right and it doesn’t get any better than this. We are surrounded by a small, fantastic and dedicated team for “Hurricane” which will have its premiere show in the iconic Koninklijk Theater Carré in Amsterdam. I am supported and inspired by the texts written for me by Sara Kroos, (a huge name in Dutch cabaret circles and who has recently been awarded the Annie M G Schmidt Award) and by Karin Bloemen (another of Netherland’s finest). I realize that I am no stand-up comedian, so it was for the best to get the advice from the best so as to make sure that everything is covered.

The same applies to another of our team: Gail Davis from England, who I have just picked up from Schiphol airport. She will be creating the dance choreography and is widely recognized as being responsible for many international shows and mega-spectacles around the globe. I met her through Stage Entertainment and have no doubts whatsoever that she’s the right woman for the job. She is a super professional, pleasant to work with, a workaholic, has a long history with Las Vegas legends; Siegfried & Roy and is an all-round nice human being. She also understands more than most people what magic is all about. What she creates with a passion has style and class and that’s just what I am looking for because what we are designing is a show which merges magic, variety and dance.. an evening of pure entertainment for all people of all nations and ages. This is theatre of today but without the drama or overpowering story-line. What we do can be a little illogic, if you know what I mean.

It’s a hell of a job. It’s challenging and captivating at the same time. A fully booked tour through Holland and then in December this year, 30 shows in 30 locations in 30 days in Germany awaits us. Mind-boggling! Together with a cast & crew travelling in specially designed “sleeper busses” and travelling city to city, it’s going to be a very exciting journey.

So jump aboard and we’ll see you all in the spot-light somewhere down the line.

Hans Klok