On his tenth birthday, Hans Klok got a conjuring set and started performing at his friend's birthday parties. At the age of fourteen, he became youth-champion of the Netherlands and Europe in conjuring, and won the 'Wenegini Prize'.

Hans Klok's Illusionist career

Hans Klok is one of the world's best illusionists and is known as “The fastest magician in the World”. In 1990, Hans and his assistant Sittah won the ”Grand Prix” of the Netherlands and the “Henk Vermeijden Cup” with “the fastest metamorphosis in the world”. The following year he performed in 'The Winter Garden Opera House' in Blackpool - England, France, Japan, South America, the United States, the Caribbean, and all Western European countries. He won the first prize at the ‘International Magic Fachkongress’ in Germany and performed in television shows at home and abroad. In 1992, he was the opening act for the F.I.S.M. in Lausanne – a professional convention for magicians and illusionists, where Hans got the opportunity to present his own show. The theatre in the theme park in Duinrell got remodelled and arranged according to his wishes. This show drew 170,000 visitors. The following year he returned to Duinrell with a new show.

In 1993, Hans performed as a 'special guest' in the André van Duin Revue. For Hans, the performances in Duinrell and the collusion with André van Duin meant a definite breakthrough in the Netherlands. Hans was asked to perform a series of shows during the 'Dinnershows' in Studio 21 in Hilversum. He also performed during the World Press Photo Gala.

In 1994-1995, Hans starred in Gerard Joling's Theatre Tour, performed in Las Vegas, at the Hotel Loew's in Monte Carlo, and in large German shows such as 'Der Grosse Künstler Preis' and Linda de Mol's 'Surprise Show'.

In August of 1996, Hans received an invitation from NBC for a show at the ‘Caesar’s Palace’ in Las Vegas as part of 'The World Greatest Magic' television show.

Hans used the period after that to prepare his first theatre show, which had its premier in October in the Luxor Theater in Rotterdam. In 1998, he had a second theatre show, 'Magic Live on Stage', followed by 'Magic Impossible'.

In 1997, Hans and his team got second place in the “illusionism” category during the Magic world championship in Dresden. He performed in the ABC special 'Champions of Magic' in the same year.

In the beginning of 2002, his father Klaas died unexpectedly. Klaas Klok had been the driving force behind Hans Klok's company. His brother Wouter Klok took over his father's tasks. In the summer of 2002, Hans Klok performed in the Wondrous Efteling Show in the new theatre with 1,200 seats in the Efteling. From 27 December 2002 onwards, Hans performed throughout Europe for three months with his show 'History of Magic'.

At the close of 2004, Wouter Klok presented the idea of a show in Ahoy. At the start of 2005, Hans Klok performed in Ahoy for three nights, all tickets were sold out. A conversation with Joop van den Ende, who wanted to do business with Hans Klok, followed shortly after. In 2006, the proposed collusion led to the establishment of Stage Entertainment magic, a new company in which Stage Entertainment (Joop van den Ende) and Hans Klok Illusions both had their own input.

On December 9, 2005, Hans Klok performed during the draw of the World Championship Football 2006. He gave a show for an audience of millions of people in which he made the trophy appear by magic.

In August of 2006, Hans took a tour of all the locations of Holland Casino. During 2006, he was busy with the preparations of his new show "Faster than Magic", which had its premier on January 5, 2007 in Cologne. This became his grandest show ever. In this production Hans told his life story with music and illusions. Next to Hans Klok, his three assistants: Nathalie Hoop, Zarina Potapova and Debbie Verhey also worked on stage.

Next, Hans Klok was given the opportunity to perform in Las Vegas (Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino). At first, Carmen Electra was part of the show, but she retreated after it became clear that she suffered from claustrophobia.[1][2] Pamela Anderson then replaced her as assistant.[3] The show ended mid November 2007.

Back in the Netherlands, he joined the Stardust Circus International owned by the producers, a couple named Henk van der Meyden and Monica Strotmann.

After their first joint Dutch theatre show “Hurricane”, his own Christmas show followed at the close of 2010, which Hans performed in the big cities of Germany and Austria.

In the meantime, Hans Klok had already been a guest in the annual show” Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde”, aired by the French TV Cinq.
He is a quest on this show Saterday 27th of April.
In 2011, Hans Klok was the first illusionist to perform in a sold out Royal Theatre Carré for 5 weeks with the Circus Hurricane show, a combination of magic and circus, followed by a national tour.

A large German tour with the program Magie der Weihnacht followed in December.

Hans Klok was noticed by supermodel Kate Moss during a whirling performance on The One Show on BBC on February 3rd, 2012, and was subsequently asked to perform as a surprise-act for McCartney’s Fashion Dinner on February 18, 2012, during which he made model and TV-host Alexa Chung float above 3 swords. Rihanna, Anna Wintour, Mario Testino and Kate Moss were among the large number of guests.

For 5 weeks, from February 23 until March 25, Hans Klok performed The Houdini Experience in The Peacock Theatre in London's West End. Both press and public were unanimously enthusiastic about his show.
A Dutch tour of Circus Hans Klok performing The Houdini Experience followed after the perfomances at West End Londen and after this, there was a tour in Germany.

After his great success on Londons West End with The Houdini Experience, the Netherlands and Germany, Hans Klok, the world’s most successful and fastest illusionist, will present his brand new show. The British press was raving about Hans Klok and called him THE NEW HOUDINI. The acclaimed London Daily Mail on Sunday wrote on his debut on the West End: “Illusionists and escapologists have come and gone throughout the past 100 years, yet none has managed to upstage the Great Harry Houdini. But...Hans Klok channels the spirit of the American stunt artist into a lavish spectacle.

The New Houdini will also be the biggest illusion show in the world.
“I went with the circus setting again. After all, Houdini also started his career in the circus. In my opinion, circus and magic have a special connection, they enchant and surprise both young and old and every performance most be extraordinary.” Together with internationally awarded circus acts, a sparkling ensemble and the sexy Diva’s of Magic, you will experience entertainment of the highest quality, like never seen before in the Netherlands. The show brings Houdini back to life, but the performance is as fast-paced as a video-clip.

Hans can be seen with his new show The New Houdini from the 16th of July untill the 25th of August. A tour will follow after this.

Next to Hans Klok's illusionist career

In 2004, Hans played a guest part in the Dutch youth film Sinterklaas en het Geheim van de Robijn by director Martijn van Nellestijn. He played the part of the Bishop of Switzerland.

In October 2006, he played a guest part in Kinderen geen bezwaar.[4]

See you in Vegas: dream & reality of Hans Klok

The documentary 'SEE YOU IN VEGAS' was released in November of 2007 by the film duo Antoinette Beumer and Maaik Krijgsman after his breakthrough with Pamela Anderson in Las Vegas. According to its directors, 'See you in Vegas' (the sentence with which Hans Klok traditionally ended his shows) is a documentary about entrepreneurship and ambition.

At the start of 2011, Hans starred in the interview program 24 uur met... in which he spent 24 hours with host Wilfried de Jong.[5]


During the National Convention for Magical Arts 2007, on May 19, 2007, Hans Klok was awarded the Golden Pin (distinction awarded by the Dutch Union of Magic). He was presented with the award in Las Vegas during a live television connection, because he couldn't be present during the convention in Haarlem.


In the finals of The Magicians on BBC on February 11, 2012 Hans Klok broke his own record on live TV by performing no less than 12 large illusions in 5 minutes, which got him a standing ovation that went on for minutes.

On Monday March 19, 2012, Hans Klok was named a member of the Inner circle with Gold Star by Jack Delvin, president of The Magic Circle; a title which is reserved for a few select members. He was awarded this distinction because of returning the Magic to London's West End after 100 years.

In May 2013 Klok performed the Illusion Challenge again in the Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde, which was broadcast on France 2, a French television channel. This time he performed 15 illusions in 5 minutes, breaking the world record once again.
In the last three years Klok has successfully toured in The Netherlands and Germany, with sold out theatres wherever he goes.

On the 10 July 2013 Klok performed the Jaws of Death above the Amstel in Amsterdam, as a publicity stunt for his "The New Houdini"show.

On 26 January 2014 Klok won the Silver Clown at the 38th International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo. He is the first illusionist to ever win this award. In August 2014 Klok will go on tour with The New Houdini in the Netherlands for the last time.